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Privacy Notice


We use this privacy notice to disclose the privacy practices of Design Privacy Limited in accordance with the Jamaican Data Protection Act. We aim to help you understand what personal data we collect, how we use it, and what control you have over it. This notice applies to the personal data collected by us, including through our website. This notice will define the following:

  1. What personal data is collected from you.

  2. How personal data is collected, used, shared, stored, and otherwise processed.

  3. Your choices and rights regarding the use of your data.

  4. How you can contact us for issues such as to correct inaccuracies of your data or to request the removal of your personal data.

Please read the following privacy notice to understand the processing, collection, sharing, protection, and your rights associated with your personal data.

Who Are We


Design Privacy  the provider of a self-registration toolkit that assists data controllers in complying with data protection regulations. For the purposes of this notice, we act as the “Data Controller”, because we determine how your personal data is used and processed.
We have appointed Mrs Kerri-Anne Reckord for assisting with questions, requests, and complaints in regards to this privacy notice and the collection and processing of your personal data. For details on how to contact us, see the Contact Information section at the end of this notice

Data We Collect


We have access to data that you voluntarily provide through our WIX website form. Through these means, we collect the following types of data:

  1. Name

  2. Email address

  3. App usage and activity data

Your personal data is used for the following purposes in general:

  1. Providing a self-registration toolkit for data controllers to comply with data protection regulations

  2. Streamlining the registration process for data controllers

  3. Ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act


Legal Basis of Processing


Our legal basis for processing your personal data  includes:.

  1. The performance of a contract with you.

  2. Our legitimate interests.

How We Share Your Data


Your personal data is shared with the following third parties:

  1. Firebase: Firebase is a subsidiary of Google, which is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA.

  2. Wix: Ltd. is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  3. QuickBooks: QuickBooks is a product of Intuit Inc., which is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA.

  4. Graph DB: I am assuming you are referring to Neo4j, which is a popular graph database. Neo4j, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California, USA. If you meant another Graph DB, please let me know.

  5. Teachable: Teachable was acquired by Hotmart in 2020. Hotmart is headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Before the acquisition, Teachable was based in New York City, New York, USA.

  6. Zapier: Zapier is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA, although they operate as a fully remote company with employees distributed around the world.


Where We Process Your Data


Under certain circumstances, your personal data that we collect may be transferred to other countries for various purposes outlined below.

QuickBooks (Intuit Inc.) - Mountain View, California, USA:

Processing of payment - The purpose of this processing is to facilitate transactions, manage invoicing, and maintain financial records. This involves collecting and processing data such as names, email addresses, billing addresses, and payment details of customers.

Firebase (Google) - Mountain View, California, USA:

Storing and processing data - The purpose of this processing is to store and process personal data for various purposes, such as authentication, database management, and hosting. This includes personal data such as login credentials, app usage data, and other data required to provide services to users.

Neo4j (Graph DB) - San Mateo, California, USA:

Storing RDF (Resource Description Framework) statements and generating Registration Particulars - The purpose of this processing is to represent relationships between entities, store user profiles, and generate registration particulars. This involves storing and processing names and email addresses.

Teachable (Hotmart) - Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil:

Providing a guided self-paced learning platform - The purpose of this processing is to create user accounts, track course progress, issue certifications, and facilitate communication between instructors and students. This may include collecting data such as names, email addresses, enrollment details, and course progress.

Wix - Tel Aviv, Israel:

Managing Leads, hosting website - The purpose of this processing is to manage leads and optimize the user experience on the website. This includes collecting personal data such as names, email addresses, browsing history, and other relevant information.

Zapier - Sunnyvale, California, USA:

Automating the sharing of information between Wix and QuickBooks - The purpose of this processing is to automate the sharing of information between Wix and QuickBooks for the purpose of processing payments and managing financial records.

Crisp -Lille, France:

Providing help desk services - The purpose of this processing is to offer help desk services to users. This app enables the provision of help desk services, which may involve collecting and processing personal data such as names, email addresses, and other relevant information related to customer support.


How Long We Store Your Data


We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with applicable data protection laws.


Company  Data Retention Policy in Relation to each Processing Activity


Firebase - Data retained until Registration Particulars are submitted, then deleted.

Teachable - Data deleted upon submission of Registration Particulars to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

QuickBooks - Data retained for 6 years after the Registration Particulars are submitted.

Graph DB - Data anonymized after submission to Office of the Information Commissioner, falling outside the purview of the data protection act.

Wix -Data retained for 6 years after the Registration Particulars are submitted.

Zapier - Information stored for 30 days.


Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data


We aim to maintain data that is accurate and up-to-date. Under the circumstances that your personal data changes (e.g., moving addresses), please notify us of any changes or update your data.

You have the legal right to the following:

  1. To be informed as to whether we process your personal data.

  2. Request all personal data we have collected about you, if any.

  3. Request transfer of your personal data to another data controller.

  4. Withdraw consent given for the processing of your personal data at any time.

  5. Object to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing at any time.

  6. To ensure that no decisions having significant impact on you, the data subject, are made solely by automated means.

  7. Request rectification of any errors or omissions in the personal data we have collected about you.

  8. In certain instances, you have the legal right to prevent the processing or processing.

  9.  In certain instances, you have the legal right to request erasure of your personal data.

To exercise these rights, please contact us via email, mail, as indicated below in the “Contact Information” section.

Contact Information

For any questions, concerns, or requests to exercise your rights outlined in this privacy notice, please contact us via email at

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